Revolutionary Water and Material Recycling Technologies

We welcome you and thank you for visiting our website. Exergy is a team of purpose-driven professionals with one mission: challenge the high levels of material and resource consumption in manufacturing by providing revolutionary water and material recycling solutions and technologies. We are dedicated to help our clients save capital by reducing usage of resources, eliminating or substantially minimizing all process-related environmental releases, while saving energy and raw materials. 



Over 90% of chemicals and resources consumed to make high technology products are wasted.
We are committed 
to change the
way materials and resources are utilized commercially. 
Exergy believes that these materials and resources should be kept clean at the point of use thus allowing utilization to be continuous and unlimited.


We purify and recycle materials and resources such as water at the point of use to make this possible. This is a lasting sustainable response to a never-ending problem. We recycle valuable process water back into the production process while substantially minimizing the need for water treatment and disposal costs.


We use advanced membrane and electro-membrane technologies to purify water and chemicals. Our EthorCEL®, For example, produces high quality recycled DI water for reuse. Instead of conventional ion exchange technologies, it easily adapts to many process applications, is environmentally safe, and operates automatically.

Please continue browsing our website to learn more about Exergy, our current focus, and the products and technology we employ. You can also read the latest news and learn about the projects Exergy has handled. Contact us for a consultation, or with any questions or comments you might have. Thank you for visiting Exergy. We look forward to serving you soon.
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